3225 S. MacDill Avenue Tampa, FL 33629
7am to 2pm Mon-Sun

All Benedicts come with our made-from-scratch hollandaise & homefries

Make them Gluten-free add $1.59

Locals and visitors alike order these standard favs!

We use 3 large eggs for all omelettes, served with homefries and toast!
Gluten-free Toast add $1.59

Our handmade 1/2 burgers are cooked medium well or as requested,
they are served on a roll with a side of homefries, or potato salad.
Burgers on Low-Cal flatbread round ...add .3
Upgrade to a cup of soup, small tossed salad, or fresh fruit …2 Cuban Buger 10.9

Gluten-free French Toast and Waffles add 3.9

We serve 3 large pancakes cooked to a golden brown!

Eggs how you like them!

Sandwiches are served with homefries or
house-made potato salad. Upgrade to a Cup of Soup,
Small Tossed Salad or Fresh Fruit 2
Gluten-free Toast add 1.59

Arden Fresh Salads All large salads are made with an organic Arcadia Harvest lettuce blend and served with a fresh-baked muffin. Locally sourced when available, sustainable.

Add Protein
Norwegian ABF Salmon 6.9
Choice grade USDA Flat Iron Steak 6.9
Chemical-Free, No Preservatives Shrimp 5.9
Hormone-Free ABF Chicken 5.9

Thin, delicate French pancakes that we fill with a variety of selected ingredients. Served with a fresh-baked muffin and choice of homefries, potato salad, soup, tossed salad, tomato slices or fresh cut fruit. 10.9

Filled with our gourmet strawberry and sweet cream cheese sauce. Topped with vanilla yogurt, fresh banana slices and strawberries. Served with fresh-baked muffin.

Fresh-baked, egg-based pies that we fill with a variety of selected ingredients.

Local-Roasted Grand Havana Espresso
Local-Roasted Grand Havana Cappuccino
Local-Roasted Grand Havana Café Con Leche